Decentralized Storage

Cryptyk is building two distinct decentralized technologies to meet the cloud storage and network security demands of small-medium business (SMB) and large enterprise. Cryptyk Cloud is a decentralized cloud storage and file sharing technology that is passively immune to security threats from external hackers, viruses and malware. Cryptyk Blockchain is a decentralized block-chain security technology designed for enterprises to manage user access to Cryptyk Cloud, track file sharing and minimize the risk from internal security threats. 

Decentralized platforms potentially offer dramatic improvements in data security, network resiliency and scalability while also reducing cost. However not all decentralized platforms are good for all data management and storage applications. Scalability and access latency are two key factors that can determine the best platform architecture and node size for a specific application. Decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain technology with thousands of storage or encryption nodes are very good for storing large databases and public ledgers where each data point is a very small file or just a number. However, because of network latency and scalability problems, blockchains are not very good for the storage of large files several MB or more in size. Latency can ultimately make user-friendly file management impossible, regardless of potential throughput and upload speed. In contrast Cryptyk Cloud is a uniquely decentralized cloud storage platform with 5-6 storage nodes to dedicated third party cloud providers such as Amazon or Google. This still offers dramatic improvements in data security and network resiliency over single source cloud providers without sacrificing access latency. Secure, reliable, fast and usable cloud storage now becomes possible at reduced cost and complexity for the user.

Cryptyk Cloud technology assumes that online security breaches are frequent and inevitable for every public cloud storage provider. Instead of trying to stop these breaches our technology eliminates the potential liabilities relating to any unwanted breaches. We achieve this goal by leveraging user-encrypted file management and distributed network storage architecture across multiple third party cloud storage vendors. Successful external hackers can only steal a useless portion of any individual file or data payload, even if they break multiple encryption and user authentication barriers. Instead of attempting to hack-proof cloud storage, our technology converts all data into a "safe-to-hack" format. From an individual users perspective, Cryptyk Cloud represents an ultra-secure file storage and sharing platform that is passively immune to the hacking of individual cloud providers. It also does not allow viruses and malware to function, even if they are successfully uploaded. From a business or enterprise perspective, every employee user device has to be individually hacked in order to steal all the user data that the enterprise stores on the cloud. Consequently large scale hacking becomes highly unfeasible and impractical for anonymous external hackers. The main security threat for an enterprise is now from internal sources such as insiders and employees. This is where Cryptyk Blockchain technology, with 20-40 storage nodes per enterprise, comes into play. Our unique blockchain technology is designed as an immutable, transparent database for storing user access logs, file sharing permissions, file encryption keys, user device fingerprints and verifying user ID. Cryptyk Blockchain technology allows a network administrator for an enterprise to authorize user access to Cryptyk Cloud, track sharing of individual files, analyze internal threats and prevent data loss.

Ultimately, our patent pending technologies have the potential to transform all cloud storage and file sharing applications via the combination of safe-to-hack cloud storage with transparent file management and user access control.

Cryptyk takes the profit out of hacking and the risk out of cloud storage.

Technology White Paper: Winning the Cyberwar (917k pdf)

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