Product Vision

Cryptyk has recently completed 2 months intensive field-testing of its Cryptyk Drive cloud storage and file sharing platform. Invited participants of the 'beta' test program included white-hat hackers, cyber-security professionals, CIO's and CISO's from various targeted industries that depend heavily on confidential data storage. The purpose of the test program was to validate the storage technology under extreme duress and get customer feedback on user interface requirements and desired product features. It was an unequivocal success and we would like to thank all of the test participants in helping us deliver what the cloud really needs..... security, reliability, simplicity and affordability. 

The test program involved over 40 world-class cyber-professionals trying their hardest to blow the Cryptyk Drive platform up via external, internal and viral means. The platform and cloud engine completed all required performance tests without any security or stability issues. Participants also provided invaluable information to guide our product development vision. Cryptyk is committed to building the most simple, affordable and complete cloud security and storage solution possible for all SMBs and large enterprises. Our engineers are now busy building out the platform with next-generation security features including file tracking, internal user access monitoring and digital loss prevention. Stay tuned for more !

For a simple explanation of Cryptyk Drive technology please play the video here >

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