Cryptyk Management

Adam Weigold, PhD
CEO & Founder
Adam is a quantum physicist, technology entrepreneur, photonics expert, serial inventor and startup veteran of three public acquisitions.

Raghu Kotha
CTO & Founder
Raghu is a whitehat hacker, cyber-security expert, ex-Bell Labs engineer, former head of network security for Silicon Valley Bank and multiple hackathon winner.

Dennis McMasters
Chief Architect
Dennis is a network automation expert, platform administrator, database engineer and former VP of Enterprise Automation at NYSE.

Luke Lombe
Business Development
Luke is a business development manager, operational specialist, strategy consultant, brand manager and experienced public speaker.

Mihkel Trink
Network Architect
Mihkel is an experienced network architect, enterprise manager, former Ericsson engineer and mobile platform systems integrator.

Daniel Floreani, PhD
Enterprise Solutions
Daniel is a computer scientist, enterprise architect, research fellow and former global enterprise solutions manager for Cisco Systems.

Legal Information
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