About Cryptyk

Cryptyk was founded in mid 2015 by quantum physicist Adam Weigold and cyber-security professional Raghu Kotha with the goal of developing ultra-secure cloud storage technology for business and enterprise. Our initial patent applications were filed and platform integration expert Dennis McMasters joined the team soon after as our first founding employee. A generous equity sharing structure for employees was established to allow for growth of the internal development team. In late 2015 the company raised $200k of angel investment capital for additional software programmers to compliment the ongoing in-kind efforts of the internal team. By the end of 2016 Cryptyk had built up a talented and experienced team of engineering and business development staff who have put significant skin in the game over the last 2 years. The massive potential of Cryptyk's decentralized technologies combined with our distributed corporate structure and supportive, flexible team culture will continue to attract world-class engineers to the team.

Our first prototype product Cryptyk Cloud Drive has recently completed a private field-testing program with the aim of fully testing the platforms security performance and optimizing the user interface. We are currently seeking to raise our next seed round of capital investment to fund the final product development of Cryptyk Cloud and Cryptyk Blockchain for release in 2018. Cryptyk's primary goal is to build decentralized cloud and blockchain platforms that are "safe-to-hack" on a large scale, thereby providing business and enterprise customers with an unprecedented level of security for their critical online data. 

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