Our Company

Cryptyk is building a unique encryption technology that securely stores data on the cloud and effectively makes files "safe-to-hack"

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Our Team

World-class team of cyber-security experts, software coders, network architects plus PhD's in physics and computer science

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Our Technology

Our cloud security technology leverages user-encrypted file management and decentralized network storage architecture

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Our Product

Cryptyk Drive is an ultra-secure cloud storage and document management platform designed for professionals, SMBs and large enterprises

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Decentralized Encryption

Cryptyk Drive cloud storage technology assumes that online security breaches are frequent and inevitable for every public cloud storage provider. Instead of trying to stop these breaches our technology eliminates the potential liabilities relating to any unwanted breaches. We achieve this goal by leveraging user-encrypted file management and decentralized network storage architecture across multiple third party cloud storage vendors. Successful hackers can only steal a useless portion of any individual file or data payload, even if they break multiple encryption and user authentication barriers. Instead of attempting to hack-proof cloud storage our technology converts all data stored on the cloud into a "safe-to-hack" format. 

Our patent pending technology can be configured for virtually any cloud, enterprise or block-chain storage architecture. Cryptyk Cloud Drive has been developed for Professionals and SMB's who want to securely move their data to the cloud. Cryptyk Enterprise Drive has been developed for SMB's and Enterprises looking for a secure hybrid cloud solution to pair with their existing internal networks. Ultimately Cryptyk technology has the potential to transform all enterprise, merchant and consumer data storage applications via the combination of safe-to-hack security and a range of cloud services.

Cryptyk takes the profit out of hacking and the risk out of cloud storage.


“I believe Cryptyk Drive has the potential to revolutionize the cloud storage industry ………… making things ‘Hack-Safe’ is now feasible"

Independent Cyber-Security Expert

“I absolutely love the feature of ‘Add SMS verification to file security’. I haven’t seen that before on other file-sharing sites”

Software Manager at leading technology company

“Gets your head out of the cloud about cloud storage”

CIO of large Credit Union

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